Monday, November 21, 2011

Traveling photostory!

So this one is rather old. Maybe from september? I'm not too sure. It was a friday though because i was supposed to go to anime club, but had to go to the doctors instead. I brought Julie with me anyways.

 I sat out on the grass waiting for the city bus. Our street opens up onto the main road of my town so Julie didn't get to relax since it was rather loud.
 Sitting on the bus. Julie tried to read black cat, she couldn't keep it open but i held it for her.
 In the bookstore waiting for my mom. Julie climbed up the stack of books and drank from my spiced chai tea.
I left her in the car when i did go to the doctor which Julie didn't mind keeping watch over the car. Afterwards me, my mom, and Julie went out to panera bread. Julie had her fair share of my food. Including this french onion soup.

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