Friday, August 26, 2011

I do college.

Hi guys sorry i haven't posted in a bit. I have been super extremely busy with college stuff and whatnot. Since i'm moving in a few hours. I hope i can get the internet to work in my dorm since they don't have wifi. Yeah i don't know. But i took this picture to show the awesome craziness of my stuff. (which is toned down a lot since i had to fit in those two tubs and the one box.)

It doesn't look bad from the picture. But before i had everything all set it was a mess.

Well i'll see you guys later. When i move into my dorm. Though that hurricane is supposed to hit us so maybe earlier then that?
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Monday, August 15, 2011

More favorite things

This is Julie taking a picture with my film camera Hadya. Who was named from a minor character who had like three lines in a book i was writing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Julie sitting on my computer Leslie. Doing what i do for most days and for endless hours. When i took this picture i was looking at the pkmncollectors post that inspired this blog.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Other fun hobby

Julie is playing my diamond version of pokemon here. It's one of my favorite things to do so she might as well join in on the fun. It's a little hard to see in the picture. Angela (me) is making poffins at the poffin house. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My favorite things.

This was a idea posted on pkmncollectors. to show your favorite plush doing some of your favorite things. I took like 4 pictures so expect to see those later.

This is Julie watching Csi because that's one of my favorite shows. It's the Nevada one if you're wondering. I don't like the other ones.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

An old photostory

This is a photostory from the first half of senior year. I have no idea when i took these pictures but it was a 'B' day. This story could've taken place anywhere from September to December. (it didn't snow barely at all in December the snow came in January.)

But Julie decided to come to school with me that day. (Don't laugh the rest of our senior class was much more immature then i am.)  So here at her adventures!

Before school: Julie decided to help Nurse with some of her paperwork. Nurse didn't enjoy the help.

 Period 3: Architecture. Julie wanted to help me design my house. 

Period 4: Lit. Julie helps me write an essay for my lit project. She's a very good writer you know.

Period 5: Gym. Me in my gym uniform. This is after gym in the locker room, because you can't take anything to gym but yourself. Julie enjoyed her place in the locker i put her in anyways. Very cozy she said.

Period 6: Math. Julie tried to help me with a warm up exercise. But she wasn't good at math. I'm not good either. It's okay.

Period 1: Psychology. We were doing research for our power points. Julie tried to help my group on color blindness but she had a hard time reading the screen. Turtwigs aren't good at reading in darkness.

Lunch! Since i had psych i had third lunch. Which starts at 12:30. I wasn't very hungry so i got a blackberry izze and some chex mix. (both are snacks.) Julie liked lunch since we were both hungry so i gave her some chex mix.
Lunch: I got bored sitting on the floor in my usual spot so i went to go chill with my friends in the nurses office. (third lunch has all the good people.) 

Period 2: Study hall/feelings class. I'm drawing and Julie decided to help me out. She's a very good artist. Turtwigs are very top heavy. So that's me just giving her a little help.

Period 2: In the latter part of the last period i went up to guidance  to get my umbrella. The door was locked and no matter how hard Julie tried to open the door she couldn't. Guidance is in the math hallway at the front of the school. The feelings class is in the basement in the opposite side of the school. I walked back to class.

It was a friday so we  had anime club. I have no idea why i don't have any pictures of anime club. But on the walk back to my house we stopped to see Elias who lives in a graveyard across from the library. Julie likes him. But is a little afraid at night when they come out. We only hung around for a few minutes then we continued on our way. 

So there you  have it. My day through Julie's eyes. They will be more photostories to come of course. Julie loves adventuring.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to Julie does stuff!

This sexy girl. This is who you'll be reading about.

This is a blog for my turtwig pokedoll Julie. It's mostly a collection of pictures. All of Julie doing something in them. Sometimes it will just be something simple, sometimes it will be full photo stories. But why would i do this? It's fun that's why. Just pure simple fun! So sit back and relax and watch Julie do things.